On Wednesday 11/06 there will be a public hearing before the County planning commissioner on Dar al Noor Islamic Community Center’s expansion project.

Outcome of this public hearing will be a deciding factor whether our expansion will be approved or stopped by a few neighboring residents who oppose this expansion. This opposition is significant enough to stop everything we all worked so hard for Dar al Noor and building our community, it is a huge challenge.

As we seek refuge in Allah SWT – ask for His guidance and success from Him, it is absolutely crucial that we attend this public hearing. We are in need of at least 500 people to attend this meeting. A strong show in large number before the commissioner will be the key to overcome that challenge that is being imposed on us.

Brothers and Sisters, this can NOT be taken lightly. Dar al Noor Islamic Community Center is not just a place for daily prayers, Jummah, or Eid gathering; it is way more than that. While Dar al Noor provides all the functionalities of a Mosque as the foundation of our Muslim community, the center is “the center piece” for the entire community of all faiths, cultures, races, backgrounds, and political views. Yes the expansion will allow to facilitate more Muslims during prayers, but the project is essential for effectively manage all the community services we have been involved in for many years.

Social welfare helping people in the county, providing food and supplies to the homeless community, mental health program, educational classes for retired men and women, PWC School board meetings, local, state, and even national political debates, serving the nation’s veterans, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, health clinic, blood drives, education symposiums for PWCS teachers… are just a few of many activities Dar al Noor is serving Prince William communities.

Success comes from Allah SWT, but only when we do our part! Brothers and Sister, it is an obligation/duty on each of us to stand firm united with rest of the community and attend this meeting –

What: Dar Alnoor Special Use Permit (SUP) hearing
Date: Wednesday, November 6th
Time: 5:00pm
Address: Prince William County James J. McCoart Building 1 County Complex Ct, Woodbridge Va 22192

We are asking everyone to write to PWC Planning/Zoning commissioner’s office; emails address are –
abh.issues@gmail.com; occoquanPC@gmail.com; PotomacPC@verizon.net; PlanningWoodbridge@gmail.com; windyknoll2@gmail.com; ebholley@gmail.com; pattimckay@msn.com; Riccar1110@aol.com

In the subject line include “SUP2019-00046, Dar Al-Noor Mosque Expansion”

Please write in your own words, do not copy and paste or forward someone else email.

Below are some talking points that we can use –
* The expansion will allow for the first Islamic private school in Prince William County and will give us educational choices for our children. Options that other faith base families are able to use.
* The proposed square footage is less than the surrounding schools that are located within neighborhoods.
* The proposed expansion allows us to have additional parking on site, which should reduce, if not completely avoid parking in the neighborhood streets.
* The proposed electronic sign is similar to the signs that private schools have and other churches; our center should not be treated any differently.
* Services and main prayer times are 1 day a week for a 4-hour span of time.
* Good neighbors and part of the community – list events that neighbors are invited to.
o Block Party, that unites the community
o Debates brings the community together
o Helping less fortunate
o Scouting
o Health and Wellness classes