Let’s help those in need during this COVID-19 pandemic

The world is currently in havoc created by the COVID-19, which is continuously claiming lives and leaving many emotionally, financially, and medically vulnerable. Notably, the whole world is in an unstable state due to the movement restrictions put in place both locally, nationally, and internationally; this increases the vulnerability of people to access basic needs. One of the primary devastating impacts of this COVID-19 pandemic is the ‘staying at home’ concept, which comes with inadequate food supplies, forcing the vulnerable population to continue suffering when the no-food idea is at play. If someone has ever wanted to work for the world, then now is the time. One can start by checking on their neighbors and helping those in needs, also by joining our foundation, Muslim Civic Duty.

One of the most significant purposes of people on earth is to offer a helping hand where it’s needed. On this note, we are all God’s creation created in a way that we connect and associate with one another in various stages of life. Religion tends to offer some convincing grounds in its explanation for a helping hand. According to the Muslim doctrine ‘whoever fulfils the desire of his brother Mu’min, would be as if he has worshipped God for his entire life.’ On the same note, other religious beliefs acknowledge helping others as an outstanding virtue that brings one close to the Supreme Being or respected people in that religious teaching.

It is a good thing to help when in position to do so and this helping should in-discriminately comprise of every vulnerable person irrespective of their social categorization. Keep your neighbors in mind and in your prayers; don’t hesitate to be the first one present when they are in need. The current pandemic has distanced people, but we have neighbors to take care of as we would like to be taken care of when are reversed. We should help the poor, needy, orphans, widows, and other vulnerable people. Muslim Civic Duty is on the forefront, joining others in helping the vulnerable in Virginia offering a helping hand to people in Prince William County. We, as Muslim Civic Duty, draw motivation and generosity from Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, who lived a generous life characterized by caring for his brothers and sisters. Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, fed the poor, gave the needy, helped orphans and widows among many other examples, making him the most generous person.

As a call to action, we need to extend our helping hand when we have the resources and opportunities to do so. It is our responsibility as dignified human beings to support and maintain dignity by helping others. Let’s all come out and focus on supporting families, neighbors, and communities in accessing food, water, and other basic needs that might be needed during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After this pandemic is over, we will all feel peace in our heart and credit ourselves for the solidarity we showed during the pandemic. Now is the time to write this book by offering a helping hand so we will rejoice and read the book with gratification when this pandemic is over. The book that Muslim Civic Duty foundation is writing now by helping the community with buying groceries and delivering at the doorsteps of those in need will remain an excellent book to read as long as the humanity goes. Everyone can write the book as the foundation did; if you can, let’s write it together as solidarity will take us far.